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Theatre Major

Film and Digital Video Production Emphasis

School of Arts and Sciences



  • Theatre Core
  • 24 Units
  • THR 200: Stagecraft
  • 3

通过亲身体验,本课程将介绍戏剧设计原理的实际应用,包括技术组织的技巧和实践, set construction, lighting preparation, costume construction, makeup application, and sound preparation. Lab fee: $50.

  • THR 210: Introduction to Theatrical Design
  • 3

介绍戏剧设计的理论和原理, 本课程将强调整体和场景的方法, while exploring set, lighting, costume, makeup, and sound design with director/ designer collaboration. Lab fee: $50.

  • THR 251: Introduction to Theatre
  • 3

本课程将提供各种惯例的概述, forms, styles, and genres of the theatre, 包括戏剧分析原理和从戏剧角度探讨戏剧批评, literary, 以及通过对代表性戏剧的主题讨论而获得的文化视角. There may be an additional charge for required field trips.

  • THR 261: Acting I
  • 3

As an introduction to basic acting techniques, this course will examine ways to construct the interior, physical, and vocal life of a character, 教授热身程序和舞台原则,包括场景分析, performance of monologues, and improvisations. There may be an additional charge for field trips.

  • THR 341: Advanced Script Analysis
  • 3

从戏剧艺术家(演员)的角度对精选戏剧进行深入研究, director, designer), 本课程将探讨将戏剧文本翻译成戏剧作品的过程. An emphasis will be placed upon the techniques of perception, imagination, 通过项目和演示分析的应用,在开发概念和确定具体的性能和设计选择中使用集成. Offered alternate years.

  • THR 351: Play Direction I
  • 3

本课程将向学生介绍以下技巧:游戏选择和分析, auditioning, scene design and staging, actor coaching, rehearsal strategies, and production management. 舞台和开放舞台的原则将与工作坊场景的呈现和评价一起讨论. Prerequisites: THR 251 and THR 261 and THR 262 and THR 341 or consent of instructor.

  • THR 390: Practicum: Theatre (Theatre Major)
  • 2

This course, intended for students in the theatre major, is a practical, 实践学习经验,学生将在一个或多个戏剧系作品中工作.

  • THR 489: Theatre: Professional Preparation
  • 1

本课程将探讨专业戏剧艺术家作为学生创建作品集所需的技能和材料, résumé, and other necessary items to prepare for a career in the arts. A Lab fee is required.

  • Choose 1 of the following courses:
  • ENG 387: Modern and Contemporary Drama
  • 3

In this course students will read, critically analyze, discuss, and evaluate selected plays from 1890 through the 21st century, including such dramatists as Ibsen, O'Neill, Pirandello, Lorca, Miller, Williams, and Albee. Attending a performance may be required. Prerequisite: ENG 201 or CENG 201 or CENG 202. Offered alternate years.

  • ENG 466: Shakespeare
  • 3

批判性阅读和分析选定的莎士比亚历史的例子, comedies, and tragedies will be the focus of this course. Prerequisite: (ENG 201 or CENG 201 or CENG 202) and ENG 271.

  • Film and Digital Video Production Emphasis
  • 26-27 Units
  • COM 412: Media and Script Writing
  • 3

This course will examine script writing for radio, television and film with projects including announcements, commercials, news, features, documentaries, comedy, and game and music shows.

  • ENG 389: Film as Literature
  • 3

An intensive study of films and screenplays as literature, 本课程将强调在现代文学世界的背景下,这种类型的独特元素. Prerequisite: ENG 201 or CENG 201 or CENG 202.

  • FDVP 330: Film and Digital Video Production
  • 3

前期制作,策划,脚本,主要摄影将为电影项目. 强调灯光,摄像机操作,录音和导演. Students complete 2 projects: visual & narrative. Corequisite: FDVP 335.

  • FDVP 335: Editing Principles and Techniques
  • 3

学生学习剪辑电影的基本原理和美学, video, and digital media, 通过完成短编辑项目,具有Final Cut Pro实验室的实践经验. Corequisite: FDVP 330.

  • FDVP 361: Producing Narrative Short Films
  • 3

学生将学习叙事短片发展的演变,批评西方 & International short films. Each student will work as crew on a short film while directing, writing, producing, 自己拍摄或编辑一个入门级的叙事小说短片. Prerequisites: FDVP 330 and FDVP 335.

  • FDVP 362: Documentary Production
  • 3

学生观看和分析过去一个世纪的各种纪录片的风格和内容. Working in small production groups, students plan, script, produce, and edit several short documentary productions. Prerequisites: FDVP 330 and FDVP 335.

  • FDVP 455: History of Film
  • 3

This course provides a survey of film history, covering the birth of film out of photography in the 1890s, its commercial expansion, first great actors and directors, 德国表现主义和苏联蒙太奇的艺术发展, the advent of sound in the 1920s, 以及好莱坞黄金时代的开始,从二战前到二战期间,一直到现在. Students will develop a historical appreciation of film, exploring narrative, documentary, and experimental forms and acquire the critical, technical, 以及与电影实践和结构相关的美学词汇.

  • FDVP 490: Internship: Film and Digital Video Production
  • 3

通过为工作室工作,为学生提供一个在工作中学习专业技能的机会, network, production company, newsroom etc. 每个单元至少需要四十(40)小时的工作时间. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

  • Choose 1 of the following courses:
  • ARTG 471: Video Art
  • 3

In this studio course, 学生将通过使用基于时间的视频媒介来创建图像和声音之间的关系,重点是学生为他们的项目发展强大的概念,并学习创建故事板, film, 并使用Adobe Premiere和Adobe After Effects一起编辑视频艺术作品. Class fee: $50. This class is offered alternate years in the spring semester. Prerequisite: ARTG 271 or consent of instructor.

  • ARTG 473: Motion Graphics
  • 3

学生将在本课程中创建电影标题序列的各个阶段,因为他们创建了包括故事板在内的几个项目, animatics, and one full-motion sequence, 学习使用最好的技术来更好地服务于这个想法. Class fee: $50. This course is offered every spring semester. Prerequisite: ARTG 361 or consent of instructor.

  • MUS 216: Music Technology I
  • 2

An introduction to music technology hardware and software, focusing on the tools and methods used to create, prepare and perform music. Topics include MIDI, digital audio workstations, score preparation, live performance systems, and methods of music production. 学生将参与实践项目,运用他们对基本音乐技术原理的理解. Students should be able to read musica notation.

  • THR 451: Play Direction II
  • 3

As a continuation of THR 351, this course will deepen students' knowledge and skills in the theory and practice of stage directing including director/designer collaboration; analysis of period style and genre with application to directors' choices; analysis of modern and contemporary theories of the stage; and artistic direction and dramaturgy in the contemporary theatre. Workshop scenes are presented and evaluated. There may be an additional charge for required field trips. Prerequisite: THR 351 or consent of instructor.

  • THR 498: Theatre Showcase
  • 3

This advanced, thesis-style course will require intensive, 在教师的指导下进行高水平的实践活动. Prerequisites: theatre major, senior status, 并由戏剧学院批准申请(参见戏剧办公室提供的戏剧展示指南).

  • WRT 337: Writing for the Stage and Screen
  • 3

通过写作实践探索戏剧写作技巧,学习戏剧作品写作艺术的入门课程, close analysis of published works, and student workshops. Prerequisite: WRT 102 or WRT 201.

Current students, 请注意:这里列出的要求可能不反映该专业的最新课程,也可能不是您要完成专业的目录年的要求. Please refer to the Academic Catalog 对于官方要求,你必须符合资格获得学位.

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